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real-life examples of resume objectives  


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Examples of resume objectives for a Teacher, Educator or Trainer.


The following teacher resume objective was for a certified (special education) teacher with post graduate education and 8 years of relevant experience... 

Position as a TEACHER for the DEVELOPMENTALLY HANDICAPPED requiring a qualified professional with a solid record of academic achievement, extensive classroom experience, and a supportive and adaptable teaching style.


The following teacher resume objective was for new college graduate (graduating with high honors) with classroom teaching experience limited to internships... 

A challenging position as a TEACHER requiring a creative, resourceful team player with the proven ability to motivate students and create a stimulating classroom environment conducive to learning.


The following teacher objective was for seasoned teacher with 11 years of classroom experience in a public school setting... 

A position as an ELEMENTARY TEACHER requiring a resourceful team player with a positive and effective teaching style, and the willingness and ability to provide leadership in extracurricular activities.

Special interest in teaching grades 1-6.


The following was for a client with a Masters in Counseling and 9 years experience teaching independent living and vocational skills to disabled individuals ...

A position as a TEACHER or INSTRUCTOR (Social Services)requiring a highly effective communicator with excellent counseling skills and a special expertise in working with the disabled.


The following was for a client with 10 years experience in corporate training and technical customer service in the securities industry ...

A position in CORPORATE TRAINING requiring a valued team player with relevant industry experience, excellent presentation and public speaking skills, and the proven ability to interpret and explain complex technologies in a clear and concise manner.

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