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School Principal_Objective

Example of a resume objective for a position as a School Principal.


The following school principal resume objective was for an Ed.D. with 4 years as an Elementary Principal and 8 years of classroom teaching experience... 

A challenging position as an Elementary School Principal requiring an effective communicator and team leader with a demonstrated talent for innovation in educational methods and management.

FYI -- the resume PROFILE section for the above client read in part as follows... 

Dedicated professional with four years of accomplished experience as an Elementary Principal in a public school environment; previous eight-year background as a Teacher for the developmentally handicapped (K-12).

Ed.D. with concentration in Educational Administration and internship practicum in Elementary School Administration.

  • Fully versed in all facets of building management and staff administration, student discipline, curriculum development, and the promotion of constructive community relations and parent partnerships.
  • Demonstrated organizational and administrative effectiveness with an empowering, proactive style of management, a good understanding of change strategies, and a reputation as a creative problem solver.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


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