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Examples of resume objectives for positions in Marketing, including Brand Management.


The following marketing resume objective was for an executive with 20 years experience in Marketing, Brand, Sales and Operations in the retail footwear industry ...

Executive-level position in Marketing or Brand Management requiring a skilled market strategist and top-performing team leader with a solid track record of success in new product development/roll-out, market penetration, and sales growth.


The following marketing resume objective was for a client with 10 years experience in Sales and Marketing Management in the financial services industry ...

Challenging position in MARKETING MANAGEMENT requiring an effective team leader and business strategist with particular strengths in New Product Design, Development and Launch .


The following marketing resume objective was for a client with a B.B.A. (in Management) and over 6 years experience in sales, marketing and project in service environments ...

Challenging position in Marketing or Project Management requiring a highly effective communicator and team leader with business acumen, excellent customer relations skills, and the ability to think creatively.

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