by former recruiter David Alan Carter
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Finding Trusted Help - When And If You Need It

Writing an effective resume doesn't have to consume your life. Or consume your wallet. It's OK to ask for help, and it's OK to pay for that help--if you get value back. To that end, we checked out some of the more popular resume services on the Web.

We're a bit obsessed with professionalism and quality of work, so these were our main sticking points in comparing services. You might want to consider our comparisons of...

Resume Writers

Our in-depth reviews of the most popular... Resume Writing Services on the Web. These are the pros who put together this most important of documents from scratch. Their services range in price from $89 to $249 for a mid-level professional. Cautionary note: just throwing more money at a resume service doesn't always get you a better resume. There are great writers out there, and there are lousy writers. We try to separate the good from the bad, and help you choose a service that'll do right by you.

Resume Builders

Our in-depth reviews of 2 of the internet's most popular... Resume Builders. These are relatively inexpensive web-based or downloadable software products for building a resume. They range in price from $14.95 per month (subscription) to a flat, one-time $39.95. A reasonable choice for those with some writing skills who just need a polished format, professional looking templates, and help with phrasing.

Resume Distributors

Our in-depth reviews of 2 of the internet's most popular... Resume Distributors. These are fast and efficient internet services that will take your finished resume and cover letter and either 1) post it within hours to nearly a hundred career sites, or 2) e-mail your resume and cover letter to hundreds of recruiters and headhunters working in your specialty. All for about the cost of dinner out at Red Lobster.