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Food and Beverage Manager_Objective

Examples of resume objectives for positions in Food and Beverage Management (also see Restaurant Management).


The following food and beverage resume objective was for a client with four years experience in the food industry -- including two years in a private club environment...

Position in FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGEMENT requiring an effective team leader with excellent customer relations skills, a commitment to quality and service objectives, and a track record of contribution to bottom line profits.


The above objective was immediately followed with a Profile section, which expands on the key attributes mentioned in the objective, and drives home the candidate's value to the prospective employer. Here is the Profile section, as it was written...

Dedicated, people-oriented team builder with four years of progressively responsible experience in the Food Service Industry--including over two years of management accountability in a private club environment.

Extensive knowledge in providing quality food and beverage service to club members and guests, with particular strengths in Party and Event Planning, Marketing and Promotion, Cost Control, and the Selection, Training and Supervision of Service Personnel.

  • Proactive style of management with excellent interpersonal skills; easy rapport with members, guests, staff and management.
  • Familiar with a broad range of American and International dishes and accompanying beverages.
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to think creatively. 

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