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Service Technician_Objective

Example of a resume objective for a position as a Service Technician or Repair Technician.


The following service technician resume objective was for a Repair Technician with a Certificate in Industrial Maintenance and 12 years in systems/equipment installation, servicing and repair ... 

A position as a SERVICE TECHNICIAN (Installation, Field Service, Repair Shop) requiring a self-starter with a practical working knowledge of electro-mechanical technology, excellent customer relations skills, and a reputation for fast and accurate work.

FYI -- the resume PROFILE section for the above client read in part as follows... 

Dedicated, detail-minded professional with relevant technical training in Electronics and Industrial Maintenance, and twelve years experience in Systems/Equipment Installation, Servicing and Repair. Additional background in Production Quality Control (Inspection).

Well versed in the installation, set-up and electro-mechanical repair of a wide variety of systems and equipment--from audio and closed-circuit TV to telecommunications, security systems, and food serving equipment. Skilled in training customer personnel in equipment operation and maintenance. 

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