by former recruiter David Alan Carter
real-life examples of resume objectives  

Customer Service Resume Objective

Examples of resume objectives
for positions in Customer Service.

First, an important word of advice. Not every Customer Service resume requires an objective statement. In fact, many Customer Service resumes would be better served if they began with a qualifications summary or profile statement. How to know when to use what? It's a bit nuanced, but in broad terms, objective statements are most effective on resumes for entry-level job seekers, or for those seeking a career change. Why? Because in neither case do the job seekers have work histories that suggest an objective.
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What's more, even when an objective statement is warranted, the wording of that objective is critical. It's not about what you want; rather, it's about what you can bring to the prospective employer. Sound a bit tricky to write? It is.

That's why I advise my clients to consider hiring a professional resume writer in certain circumstances. What are those circumstances? There are two:

-- If your resume will be fighting for attention in a competitive job market, or...
-- If your job qualifications are difficult for you to express in a promotional--and yet unbiased--manner.

Given either one of those conditions, a Certified Professional Resume Writer can literally come to the rescue. Yes it will cost some money up front -- maybe $150 or $200. But if those immediate dollars can shave a few weeks (more likely months) off your job search, you'll begin generating paychecks that much sooner and come out far ahead in the end.

Recommendations? Consider With the largest network of resume writers on the Internet, and a 99.98% customer satisfaction rate, I think you'll be pleased. Plus, they guarantee you'll get job interviews. I've written a more detailed review HERE if you'd like to dig deeper.

OK, that's it for the advice. Now, on to the customer service resume objectives...

-- David Alan Carter


The following customer service resume objective was for a customer service professional with 8 years experience... 

A multi-task position drawing on extensive CUSTOMER SERVICE experience to advance a proven track record for developing and maintaining key accounts and improving departmental efficiencies. 


The following was for a customer service and inside sales professional with 4 years experience... 

A position in CUSTOMER SERVICE requiring a problem solver with a proven track record for developing new business and maximizing account retention.


The following was for a client with 10 years experience in customer service and inside sales in service-sensitive industries...

Challenging position in CUSTOMER SERVICE for a persuasive communicator and creative problem solver with a strong aptitude for sales and a willingness to take the initiative. 


The following was for a client with 8 years experience in customer service and sales support in diverse industries...

A position in CUSTOMER SERVICE requiring a problem solver with excellent public relations skills and an ongoing commitment to professionalism, customer satisfaction and account retention.

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