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Property Manager_Objective

Example of a resume objective for a position as a Property Manager.


The following property manager resume objective was for a college grad with 3 years experience in Property Management, Leasing and Promotions... 

A career opportunity in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Residential/Commercial) requiring an effective communicator and team leader with excellent tenant relations skills and the proven ability to drive revenues and deliver bottom line results.

FYI -- the resume PROFILE section for the above client read in part as follows... 

Dedicated professional and recent college graduate with an academic concentration in Business and Communications, coupled with three years combined experience in Property Management, Leasing, and Marketing/Promotion. Hold Ohio Real Estate Sales License.

Very knowledgeable in all areas of the property management field with a good understanding of marketplace dynamics and the contribution of effective sales and marketing strategies to bottom line profitability. 

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-- David Alan Carter


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